About Me

13329389_1023408491079894_6948341742883874660_oStern Galvonsky – Writer: Stern has always secretly wanted to be a film critic, even when it looked like they were destined to be a middle school math genius. That didn’t pan out, and they started filming movie reviews and uploading them to YouTube in their freshman year of high school. Their Junior year, they were invited to be the film critic Wayzata’s high school’s newspaper, The Trojan Tribune. Stern is now a sophomore at Northwestern University, where they study Journalism (with a minor in film studies).

12916807_946505815471075_8708974619928990384_oC. Luke Soucy – Editor: Luke has always secretly wanted to be Stern’s editor, even slyly suggesting the idea to Stern throughout the years through various subtle conversations. That didn’t pan out, so he started overtly asking Stern instead, which proved more fruitful. Though Luke fills most of his days working in the theatre with little time to watch movies, he likes to spend his spare hours compiling lists of the movies he would otherwise watch. Luke is now a sophomore at Princeton University, where he studies English.