“About Last Night” Review

Whoever thought we’d see the day when Kevin Hart was in a film version of a David Mamet play. A remake of the 80s film of the same name (starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, and James Belushi), About Last Night is based off of Mamet’s “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”. The story follows two couples and their relationships after chance meetings.

The main characters are all black, but race doesn’t play a large role in the film. Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant play the couple that the film spends most of its time with. Kevin Hart and Regina Hall play the supporting characters, the one-dimensional comic relief. A large portion of the film deals exclusively with these four characters, although there are some nice cameos from Joe Lo Truglio and Christopher McDonald.

The actors are all very charismatic and have great screen chemistry with each other. This, coupled with the wonderfully written dialogue, makes the film easy to sit through. Though there aren’t too many sidesplitting jokes nor tearjerking emotional moments, the film is a fun watch.

About Last Night is episodic in nature, never really building towards anything. This approach keeps the audience in a somewhat passive role. I felt as if I were watching a lengthy highlight reel rather than a film. Not that it wasn’t entertaining, but I found myself underwhelmed by the story. The ending was especially disappointing. While the majority of the film was a commentary on relationships, the finale seemed to be out of a fantasy world. To avoid spoiling anything, I’ll just say that it missed the tone entirely.

Cleverly edited, About Last Night keeps a relatively fast pace the entire way through. It’s competently made and enjoyable, but doesn’t do anything revolutionary. Most of the film won’t stay with you by the next day, but there are worse ways to spend 100 minutes than by watching About Last Night. 6/10.

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