“Get Hard” Review

In Get Hard, Will Ferrell plays a wealthy hedge fund manager named James who is shocked to be arrested, found guilty of embezzlement, and sentenced to 10 years at San Quentin. Nervous about his time in prison, he hires Darnell (Kevin Hart), a hardworking entrepreneur, to prepare him for prison by ‘getting him hard’. If you chuckled at that, you’re probably within this movie’s target audience.

Directed by Etan Cohen (so close, yet so far), Get Hard operates under the guise that it is a commentary on class warfare, when in reality it’s not really about anything but awful people making somewhat offensive jokes. There’s not a lot of cleverness in the humor, but the film makes up for that with excessive repetition. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are trying (it’s obvious that their improv backgrounds helped many of the sequences out significantly), and they have a lot of chemistry together, but the material and story beats don’t allow Ferrell and Hart to reach the most of their abilities.

While the movie does become much more enjoyable when you recognize that the characters are awful people you’re not supposed to feel sympathy for, it never reaches the level of ‘good’ or ‘funny’. At best, it’s watchable. It’s never consistently awful, but it’s definitely subpar and forgettable. 4/10.

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