“Insidious: Chapter 2” Review

Insidious: Chapter 2 took in 41 million dollars on a 5 million dollar production budget this Friday the 13th weekend. Horror Filmmaker James Wan continues directorial duties and is credited alongside screenwriter and actor Leigh Whannell for the story. Patrick Wilson stars as the father of the haunted Lambert family.

I should say, while I loved Saw (2004) and was okay with The Conjuring (2013), I actively disliked Insidious (2010). I hated Insidious: Chapter 2 even more however. While the original didn’t provide any scary moments, I was still able to laugh along and have a certain amount of fun with the demons. With the lackluster demons in this movie however, it feels like the filmmakers didn’t even try. And while loud music and poorly executed jump scares are nothing new to this series, they’re more aggravating than horrifying. This film’s cardinal offense is that it’s just not scary. It’s boring.

If one good thing could be said about the script, it’s that it attempts to explain some of the occurrences in the original film. There are moments that make you say ‘Oh. So that’s why that happened.’ However, these moments are ruined by the plot-holes they bring along. Now, I know I shouldn’t be chastising a horror film for not having a smart script, but these moments really take you out of the film. That’s not to say there was much to invest you in the first place though. The characters lack motivation and most of the story is just kind apathetically presented to you.

James Wan isn’t a terrible filmmaker. Leigh Whannell isn’t a terrible writer. There are a few scenes that you can tell were inspired, and you can actually feel some emotion from. However, for the most part, this film feels like a cash grab for everyone involved. It’s not scary. It’s not fun. It’s just an exhaustively boring waste of time. 2/10.

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