“It Follows” Review

The story of It Follows is simple. After having sex for the first time with her boyfriend, Jay (Maika Monroe) is chloroformed and tied up. When she wakes up, she is informed that an entity (that no one else can see) will constantly be walking towards her, and she can’t let it get to her or she will die. The only way to get rid of the entity is to have sex with someone else and pass it on to them.

It’s an interesting ‘What would I do?’ dilemma, but these sorts of concepts tend to have pretty mixed results. Thankfully, It Follows isn’t another The Purge (2013). It Follows is actually a really scary, really well executed horror film.

First, this film was made for only $2 million. Given the scope of the plot of this film, that number makes sense. However, given the high production value of the film, I would say that it was $2 million very well spent. A large portion of the film takes place outdoors, and near dusk, which is impressive because there is less control of the environment outside, and limited time to shoot at dusk. These uncompromising choices allow for the film to claim a very cool and distinctive style. They also illustrate how much control over the film that the director has.

It Follows is genuinely scary, which is always good when making a horror movie. The idea of getting followed is a creepy thought, and creepy is a good descriptor for this film. The imagery used in the film is incredibly unnerving, but very rarely goes over-the-top. The editing in the film helps create the sense of paranoia that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie, not just a couple sequences.

The problem with having such a concept-based film is that there are lots of questions that will present themselves. The movie is incredibly immersive throughout (the 100 minute run-time absolutely flies by), but as you leave the theatre and reflect on the film, there will be lots of unanswered questions that relate to the rules of the film. I don’t think a sequel to It Follows would succeed because there is no satisfying way to explore the concept without just remaking this film. That said, this is a very good movie, and a great horror flick. 8/10.

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