“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” Review

Between Heaven is Real and God’s Not Dead, this year has been a big year for Christian movies. Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas is one of such films, though it pains me to call it an actual movie. Clocking in at 80 minutes, the film has enough material to comfortably fill up 15. The movie opens with Kirk Cameron drinking imaginary cocoa and talking to the camera about how much he likes Christmas. After that enthralling introduction, the majority of the film takes place in a car as Kirk Cameron talks about how the materialism of Christmas is actually a Christian thing. That’s the whole movie. It’s padded out with awful attempts at humor, so much slow-motion that Zack Snyder would cringe, and a barely choreographed musical number at the end of the film. The credits are even stretched out with the inclusion of the least interesting outtakes imaginable.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Does Kirk Cameron save Christmas? Definitely. He deflects logic with so much skill and precision that it’s honestly astounding. The stretches that are taken to prove his points are almost as long as this movie feels. When defending against the argument that the Christmas tree is a Pagan symbol, Cameron begins with, “Well, when God made the earth, he made all of the trees…”

This movie is truly special. It is entirely incompetent of any dramatic structure and lacks any sense of self-awareness. This is likely the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and definitely the worst movie I’ve seen that has gotten a theatrical release. This isn’t a B-movie, it’s not even a z-movie. This should have never seen the light of day. 0/10.

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