Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts

From Best to Worst:

1. Possessions: This Japanese entry is about a man who encounters a plethora of possessed household items while seeking shelter from a storm. It’s wildly engaging, surreal, and beautifully animated. It’s the only one of the bunch that I genuinely did not want to end.

2. Mr. Hublot: This story about an eccentric recluse who takes in a robot dog is visually stunning. Unfortunately, a contrived story takes away from the unique world that’s created.

3. Room on the Broom: This adaptation of the children’s book of the same name has a varsity vocal cast – including Simon Pegg, Timothy Spall, and Sally Hawkins. The claymation looks great, but at a repetitive 26 minutes, it should probably be reserved for kids only.

4. Feral: This black-and-white entry about a wild boy being integrated into society starts off as artsy, and finishes as pretentious. A bland story and lack of closure leave you feeling unfulfilled.

5. Get a Horse!: This nostalgic Disney cartoon is likely the most well-known of the lot, having appeared before Frozen (2013). However, the mixture of classic Disney and mediocre 3-D animation is awkward, and the forced story makes the mere 6-minute runtime seem like an endeavour.

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