“Rush” Review

Written by Peter Morgan and Directed by Ron Howard, the story follows the six-year rivalry of Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. However, with the two-hour length of the film, the script only delivers on the basic plot points and forgets much of the tension in the story. You could say that the movie is a bit… Rushed. Each scene presented serves an overly-obvious purpose that is aggravatingly shoved in your face. The dialogue is unfortunately used to develop the characters in a one-dimensional manner; it’s emotionally manipulative and has a sole purpose of driving home a few key points in the scene. Everything is presented in an overly simplified black-and-white manner, even when trying to create complex characters and situations.

The remarkable strange pacing takes away from the drama in the story. Moments seem to drag; moments seem to pass too quickly. While struggling to fit six years of rivalry into a feature length film, the plot seems to haphazardly play a highlight reel. For example, Lauda and Hunt go from being Formula 3 racers to competing for the world championship seemingly overnight. There is neither drama in their ascension nor drama in other competition. With exception to Hunt and Lauda, nearly every other driver in this movie is a faceless name.

That said, if there is tension anywhere, it is in the rivalry between the two drivers. The performances of Chris Hemsworth as Hunt and Daniel Brühl as Lauda are the high points of the film. The cinematography for this film is stunning. If you walk in hoping to get some cool racing scenes, you’ll get your moneys worth. Without getting too emotionally involved, simply watching the film is fun enough. By all means the execution of the script was great, it was just the script itself that was lacking.
On the whole I did enjoy this film. It’s not the Oscar-movie it’s hyped up to be, but it’s definitely above average. The performances are great and the races are magnificent. While I never was hugely emotionally involved due to a weak script, I still enjoyed it. 6/10.

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