“Thor: The Dark World” Review

Replacing Kenneth Branagh with TV Director Alan Taylor, Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to 2011’s Marvel movie of the same name, sans the colon. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this movie, it’s just remarkably bland.

In this installment, the fill-in-the-blanks villain is a Dark Elf named Malekith (Christopher Eccleston). With the Convergence approaching, Jane (Natalie Portman) is infected by the Aether – a powerful weapon. This leads to Thor reuniting with Jane and Malekith attacking Asgard. If you don’t understand the science or importance of things like “The Convergence” or “The Aether”, don’t worry. The movie doesn’t expect you to think about it. In fact, the writers spend as little time developing these things as possible. Just know that they’re super important and lead to crazy hijinks.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is the only character that adds any life to the movie. The movie picks up every time he’s on screen, and then immediately draws back once he leaves. And Marvel seems to have realized this, adding re-shoots to stretch out Loki as much as possible. I could talk about other characters in this movie, but to be honest, none of them are more than a simple gag. There’s plenty of humor in the movie, mostly with Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig (Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgård, respectively); the jokes are pretty good for the most part, but they just seem out-of-place.

The climax of this film is admittedly very exciting, but it’s a long trek to get to that point. Thor: The Dark World isn’t as bad as Iron Man 3 – Marvel’s other attempt for the year – but it’s just not memorable. It will likely just be a distant memory the next day. 5/10. 

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